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Verantwoorde distributie

Alle leden hebben zich er formeel toe verbonden de principes van Responsible Distribution, opgesteld door de FECC, te eerbiedigen.

The objectives of the BACD are:

  • to promote the trade in chemical products.
  • to defend, protect and develop the common interests of its members in order to promote sustainable enterprise.
  • to develop good practices with regard to safety, health and the environment in distribution.
  • Hto maintain contacts with the different stakeholders in the distribution of chemicals.

The BACD organises a series of activities to achieve this goal. For example, conferences, courses and workshops are organised regularly to which its members are invited. The various commissions study and discuss technical matters and report their findings to the Board of Directors and the members. These Commissions are:

  • Transport Commission - ADR - Logistics
  • SHE Commission (Safety, Health & Environment)
  • Responsible Care Commission
  • REACH Commission
  • Communication Commission
  • Food Commission
  • Social Affairs Commission


The BACD would also like to contribute to the general public having a better knowledge of its activities. This should benefit the image of chemistry in general, and of the distribution sector in particular. For this reason scientific studies have been carried out in cooperation with universities or institutes of higher education on different subjects, such as, for example, the costs related to safety in our sector or the image of our association.