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ECHA INFO 29-06-22



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  • Dr Sharon McGuinness selected as our new Executive Director

ECHA articles:

  • Read our article on finding effective ways to manage chemical risks


  • Changes in ECHA's decisions for in vitro and in vivo requests to investigate chromosomal aberrations
  • Consultation on SEAC's draft opinion on proposed restriction of lead in outdoor shooting and fishing

  • New intention to identify a substance of very high concern

An intention has been received for melamine (EC 203-615-4, CAS 108-78-1).

  • Assessments of substance groups published


  • Updated support for notifiers using system-to-system service
  • New proposals to harmonise classification and labelling

Occupational exposure limits:

  • Consultation on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


  • Contribute to the work of the EUON
  • Nanopinion: Models to characterise exposures to manufactured nanomaterials in the OECD

  • Bulk download now available on NanoData website

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