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ECHA info 15-02-23


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Call for evidence on presence of CMRs in childcare articles

This call for evidence is open until 31 March 2023. Our report is expected to be ready in September 2023.


  • The EU-wide ban on using lead gunshot in wetland areas starts applying on

    16 February 2023

  • EU-wide enforcement of safety data sheets launched

  • ECHA has launched a consultation on 13 applications for authorisation covering 14 uses of:

    Chromium trioxide (EC 215-607-8, CAS 1333-82-0): used in functional chrome plating, functional chrome plating with decorative character, passivation of electrolytic tinplate (ETP)

           Sodium dichromate (EC 234-190-3, CAS 10588-01-9): passivation of electrolytic tinplate (ETP)

           4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)phenol, ethoxylated (EC -, CAS -): manufacturing aid in the production of gene therapies.

  • We have published a report assessing the regulatory needs for a group of aliphatic secondary and tertiary amides.

  • New substance evaluation conclusions published

  • Scientific committees meet in March – agendas available


  • New intentions and proposals to harmonise classification and labelling


  • New guidance helps analyse alternatives to biocidal active substances 


  • NanoData has new content
  • Two new tender notices published 

Commission consultation on PFHxS

  • Provide your feedback by 9 March 2023

Eutopean Commission:

  • REACH Committee meeting in March – agenda available

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